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Paragliding in Tenerife!

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  • 800m height

    Standart flight from Taucho or Ifonce, takes about 20 minutes whith the amazing bird’s eye views of the cost line, Los Cristianos, Las Americas, all the way to Los Gigantes.(trip time aprox. 2 hours)

  • 1000m height

    Hight Performance flight takes about 45 minutes, from Ifonche or Taucho, flying over Ifonche’s Natural and Rural Park, Barranco del Infierno, Roque del Conde, ect. An incredible flight with amazing landscapes views, landing at La Caleta beach. This type o flying is often demanded by beginners pilots to learn quick and safe the flying tecnics, why don’t you? (trip time aprox. 2 and a half hours)

  • 2200m height

    Flight from Izana at the Teide National Park, we call it "VIP" flight, take off at 2200 meters, a trip visiting the Teide National Park, and then take of from next to the sky observatories at Izana. Depending on the wind circumstances the flight can be to the north side, La Orotava valley and landing on Puerto de La Cruz, or to the east side, valle de Guimar, Arafo and landing on Puertito de Guimar. You will be enjoying the amazing landscape views, all the way from the National Park to the beach.(trip time aprox. 4-5 hours)

Try a tandem flight in Tenerife!

    Paragliders take us into a world driven not by the laws of man, but by the laws of nature.” Birthday, anniversary why not give a unique and unforgettable experience. Paragliding flight is also the perfect way to complete an exciting adventure holiday and to feel intense emotions. Skyparafly: offers you the possibility to tandem paraglide in Tenerife with experienced pilot, so you can especially enjoy the incomparable beauty breathtaking views of the island.

Hello, My name is Denis!

“Paragliding is the closest humans can get to the feeling of flying like a bird. It is a fun, safe way to experience flight in its simplest form. You simply lay out a wing on a mountain, inflate it over your head like a kite, run a few steps and before you know it you've stepped off into the sky! Once in the air, a pilot is able to maintain and even gain altitude using lifting air currents and thermals. Landing a paraglide is extremely easy. A pilot simply steers it into the landing area, and glides down for a very gentle touch down back on to earth.

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